Miniature house-building began as my COVID distraction and ended up turning my life and living space upside down. I have five kits down–Real Good Toys’ Beachside Bungalow; Greenleaf’s Westville (original + remodel), and Orchid; and Earth and Tree’s Rye, and Tilton room box.

real small real estate is mostly about miniature homebuilding, but rabbit holes and shiny objects take me in unexpected directions.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

“…there is a magical place i visit sometimes. my eyes and hands wander through rooms i know so well…

“…a lovely space. a lovely escape. it is my dollhouse.”


Keep Calm And Dollhouse On

…the British Government…ish

wim hof + andrew huberman on cold water immersion

This post reflects my continuing experience with cold water immersion. Big caveat up front: If you “jump into” (no pun intended) cold water immersion too quickly, you can end up with a medical emergency. Proceed slowly. Let your mind, body, and maybe a coach, guide you. And of course, medical clearance is recommended. Also, thisContinue reading “wim hof + andrew huberman on cold water immersion”

wim hof method: 16 months

Here’s another one of my updates about my experience with the Wim Hof Method. I’ve been doing the cold water soaks for about 16 months now. Since I’ve made it through my second winter–albeit, a Southern California winter, so grain of salt–I have a little more insight into what is working for me. For thoseContinue reading “wim hof method: 16 months”