dollhouses: my new (old) hobby

Technically, I got my first miniature house about 35 years ago. I bought a kit and put it together; the house body, a few windows, the front door. I shingled the roof. I bought parts to electrify it, but never got that far. No wallpaper, or flooring. I bought several pieces of furniture. But after a while, I shuffled it from place to place until, eventually, one of my parrots got a hold of it. I made the repairs, but I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to pick up where I’d left off. Five years later, it ended up in my thrift store pile. I think about it from time to time, wondering if it found a new home, or if it was tossed out before ever making it to the store shelves.

And then there is today. COVID hit and the associated lockdowns. The distress and isolation hit me harder than I thought possible and I was in need of a distraction. I began thinking about miniature houses again. I love property and real estate; I enjoy interior design; I used to love art and crafting. A miniature house seemed to hit all of the marks.

I did a little research and was beginning to zero in on the Beachside Bungalow by Real Good Toys. I planned to order it online, but then I thought I’d get my feet wet by visiting a local miniatures store. My Doll’s House was small (no pun intended), but packed as miniature hobbyist stores often are, with everything needed for the craft. I left with my bungalow plus $400 worth of add-ons, and the dream of it all being as easy as Marge and Jim assured me it would be. And so it began…

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