the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse

Note: I mention three of my favorite Web sites for miniature furniture and accessories in this post. I have received no compensation or incentives, nor have I/would I honor any requests to make recommendations on my site. I offer my opinions with sincerity and humility.

I rediscovered the craft of kit dollhouse-making a few months ago as the COVID lockdowns grew from weeks to months. “Re”discovered because I bought my first kit about 35 years ago, but didn’t get far before I lost interest and abandoned it to a local thrift store. Because it was so long ago; because I didn’t get as far into the craft as I have today; and because my tastes have changed, I might be mistaken, so, grain of salt, but I don’t remember there being so many contemporary choices in yesterday’s house kits, or such a wide selection of modern furniture or accessories as can be found today, where the limit is truly your imagination.

My first house was the Real Good Toys Beachside Bungalow. I wanted a light, fun, nautical interior, and although the miniature hobby shop from where I purchased it had a ton of great finds, they were mostly traditional, which was not the aesthetic I had in mind. I found the west coast, where I live, is not exactly the epicenter of all-things miniature, so I went where most of us go these days: the Internet.

Online, I discovered the craft of miniature homes had indeed moved leaps and bounds. Yes, you could still find the mass-produced miniatures or traditional pieces, but you could also find unique, hand-crafted mini works of art. A delicious blue and white striped sofa, from Eliza Rose Miniatures, inspired the decor at the beach house. I added to my collection at Mini Home Co AU. MHC not only had a ton of “beachy” furniture and accessories, but also featured the clean, minimalist lines I love. Phillip Nuveen is an artist who creates original miniatures, but his talent extends to photography, film, fine art, fashion, and graphic design. Pretty much anywhere art can be found, you’ll find Phillip Nuveen in the middle.

Although, these are a few of the shops I’ve stumbled into, they are by no means all of wonderful places I’ve found. I’ll share more in later posts. In the meantime, if you’re a relative novice to the realm of miniature houses, as I am, it’s a big, wide, wonderful world. There is joy in locating the exact piece you need to finish a scene; but there is real exhilaration when you encounter the unexpected.

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