my next dollhouse: what i wanted; what i got

For several months, I’d planned on Earth and Tree’s Center Harbor Dollhouse Kit being my next project. I liked it’s clean lines. It’s a historical house, but it wasn’t complicated historical, it was simple historical. I need my projects to “speak” to me, and the Center Harbor did. It was the quintessential East Coast home, bringing to mind ocean breezes and wintry storms. It offered a fun workspace, including an unconventional staircase, sort of tucked away. And large rooms. I had already painted the outside (classic white, with weathered side and roof shingles); and virtually chosen a few interior features: a classic sofa, a piano, a “working” fireplace.

If a moody soundtrack accompanied my description, the needle would suddenly scratch across the vinyl cutting short my musings. Long after falling in love, I discovered my beautiful Center Harbor was a whopping 45″ long. My work space, AKA, my dining room table, is only 60″ long. Then, I started imagining carting the house around for photos, and picking it up and moving it on the rare occasion I had guests for dinner. I really don’t have the space to display my two smaller homes, let alone one the size of the Center Harbor. And so, I am devastated to shelve my dream project until my real house magically grows another hundred square feet, or a more modestly-sized Center Harbor II is released.

I needed to find a substitute, so, I went with my second choice: Earth and Tree’s Rye Milled Dollhouse Kit. It comes in at a more manageable 27″ wide and 22″ deep, and although I am not quite as enthusiastic about the Rye, I think it offers some good opportunities for customization.

All of this points out one of the contradictions of miniature homes: miniature homes are not always miniature. Add to that the construction zone. At least, for me. In addition to the dining room table, I have a tendency to spread out across my living space, from the buffet table, to the side table, to the coffee table, across kitchen counters, and the back, arms, and seating area of my sofa. As much as I hate to compromise, my new hobby demands it of me.

Of course, there are options. I could scale down to 1/24 or construct a room box. Or rent a warehouse. Ah well. Maybe I need to start searching earnestly for a good home for my homes. But, until then, I must (down)size my dreams appropriately.

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