“oops, i did it again…”

-Britney Spears. …And me.

Sometimes, I think I make mistakes subconsciously because I enjoy a good problem that needs to be solved. But it’s more I’m just careless.

My first significant housebuilding error came early when I glued on the second floor of the Beachside Bungalow backwards. This unfortunate circumstance led to stairs placed on the opposite side of the house and facing in the wrong direction. It created a bit of a construction challenge as I got to the banisters and handrail, but in the end, I liked the look. The stairs were just to the left of the front door, which made the floor plan more logical and fluid. Of course, that’s not to say it would work out just as well the second time, so you would think I would have paid extra attention to future staircases. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

I was feeling a little cocky as I tackled my new kit, the Rye. The original floor plan had stairs running down the middle of the house. If I kept that design, and proceeded with my proposed room layout, the stairs would have ascended from the kitchen straight into the bedroom. I wanted them to ascend from the living room to a small hall I planned for the second floor.

To this end, I fiddled with the stair placement and came up with a new design. Luckily, before I began cutting, it struck me the angle of the roof may not allow the stairs to fit as hoped. Sure enough, after a closer look, I realized the stairs would ascend to a spot behind the attic knee wall. I patted myself on the back for my rare forethought.

So, it looks pretty good so far, right? Yeah, no.

Due to life, a few days passed between my identifying the problem and cutting the new hole. And since I’d left the pencil marking for the wrongly-placed cutout, and never having marked the new one, I made the cut on the wrong, unworkable side of the house. I had barely finished congratulating myself for my relatively not bad carpentry work when I realized my mistake. I went on to exacerbate the error by “fixing it” with a new cut before taking a closer look. Had I taken a breath, I could/would/should have flipped over the board and, voila, problem solved.

Two sets of stairs; two sets of incorrectly placed stairs. At least I’m consistent. Unfortunately, I can’t commit to doing better in the future since housebuilding has effectively smacked me in the face with two of my key weaknesses, namely, carelessness, and a total lack of understanding for spacial relationships. I need a new hobby.


  1. Amy says:

    Wow, amazing work Patti. Amy has a hard time remembering who you are, but loved your card and Xmas letter.


    1. patti p says:

      Oh, thank you so much for the comment and for the compliment! I don’t have Amy to walk through neighborhoods with and look at houses anymore, so I had to create my own “neighborhood” of tiny houses, instead! Hugs to all!!


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