product review: andi mini brick & stone

My friend, Adriana, complimented the foundation of the Rye, saying how authentic it looked. It looked authentic because I used “real” stone from Andi Mini Brick & Stone across the front of the house. Thanks so much, Adriana! I liked how it turned out, too. And I had a great time working my temporary “stonemason” job. In case you’ve never used Andi products, here’s the scoop.

Andi manufactures several different masonry products including red, red blend, used, and white brick; gray, brown, and blend veneer cut stone; and gray, brown, and blend veneer fieldstone. They also have mortar, corner pieces for your brick, and a full colonial fireplace, if you’re so inclined.

I first bought Andi used brick for the Beachside Bungalow. Although, the bricks had a somewhat distressed look, I kicked it up a notch by splattering them further with white paint. I was happy with the look, but I ended up not using them. I didn’t have enough product (and didn’t know at the time they were widely available); the post caps felt a little tricky; and there seemed to be a lot of steps to get them right (use a spacer, polyurethane them, dry 24 hours, mortar, sponge off excess).

I tried again with the Rye, this time choosing Andi cut stone. I used a substantially streamlined process: glue only. I wanted them placed tightly, so, no mortar, and since I wasn’t using mortar, I didn’t have to use polyurethane for protection. Also, I only planned to apply the stones along the foundation, so it was a pretty straightforward application, no tricky elevations.

Andi claims the stones cut to size with scissors and this was sort of true. They do cut, but not without a lot of crumbling. After I figured that out, I “trimmed” more than I “cut,” which is to say that I began scissoring at the edges and then worked my way toward the place I wanted the actual line. But I also used random broken pieces to tuck into tiny, awkward places as filler, so very little went to waste.

I bought the stone before I had settled on a color scheme for the house. When I did choose the exterior paint, it wasn’t harmonious with the gray stone. I figured I’d paint the foundation once I had all of the stones in place. I painted a couple of loose stones to check the color and I didn’t have much success. They didn’t take the color well. I figured it would probably take a few coats. But when I finished placing the stone on the foundation, I was kind of in love with the effect. The house and stone colors didn’t seem disharmonious at all. The stones have rich detail, and I’ve long preferred leaving natural surfaces natural, not smothering them beneath a coat of paint.

In fact, I liked the look so much I wished I had done the front steps in stone. Stone would have been more authentic to the home.

Probably my worst quality in terms of my mini house hobby is my impatience to move onto the next project. Therefore, rather than cover the entire foundation in Andi stone, I went with stone wallpaper for the sides and back of the house. It looks pretty good and I’m fine with it, but it would have been next level had I taken the extra time to do it “right.”

As a rough reference, the front foundation of the Rye took about 3/4 of a bag of stone to complete. Andi doesn’t list how much coverage you can get from a bag, but Earth and Tree says a bag covers about 72 square inches. There are eight to 10 different stone cuts in a package that repeat, so you can make a pattern. I paid $20/bag. I am not sure where the stone is manufactured beyond Andi Mini Brick & Stone is located in Williamstown, Vermont. The packaging does not indicate it is made in China.

Andi Mini Brick & Stone gets my full endorsement. In fact, after working with it a bit, I am ready to revisit the brick for a later project. It is easier to work with than I first thought and I think the effect is stunning.

I hope you agree!


  1. aprintzencoxnet says:

    I just tried to post a comment, but it wouldn’t let me. I’ll keep trying. Anyhow, this is what I said… Yes, I totally agree. I’m so taken back by all of the extraordinary talent that went into making such a beautiful piece of art, truly! Bravo 👏Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    1. patti p says:

      It posted from this end, Adriana, my most loyal reader and dear friend!!


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