it’s the details that make a house your own

The other day, I ordered a hummingbird feeder for the Rye. I think it might be my favorite accessory. It is magical in its simplicity, while at the same time, one of those personal decorating items that makes the house feel more “me.” My own home has three feeders to attract hummingbirds and seasonal orioles, a bird seed feeding tray for finches and mourning doves, and an urn fountain as a water source for all who visit the yard.

I am pretty judicious with the detail I add to my mini houses. One reason is I’m a packrat who strives to be a minimalist, so there is a constant fight between dark and light, good and evil. I Marie Kondo’ed my place a couple of years ago (mostly) just keeping items that “sparked joy.” Adding multiple mini homes–and the accompanying supplies–to my Marie Kondo’ed space was profane. I blame COVID, which is what “sparked” this messy and space-consuming hobby in the first place.

But maybe a stronger reason I don’t put a lot of effort into decoration is my lack of patience. Once construction is complete, and the house has at least some basic furnishings, I’m ready to move onto the next project. It’s a little sad that after all of my effort the result more closely resembles a sterile model home than a loved and lived-in private sanctuary. Nevertheless, I do try to add a few touches. Here are some of my favorites.

In the Rye, in addition to the hummingbird feeder, I added some patriotic paraphernalia, champagne glasses, and a very tiny Kitchen Aid mixer. The patriotic plaque in the photo below is my homage to the American flag. I wanted to start adding American flags to each house, but I can’t find any that lay correctly, so this will have to do. The champagne glasses would more correctly be wine glasses, but it’s alcohol, and any port in the storm. And although I don’t use my full-size Kitchen Aid mixer as much as when I was baking cakes, it’s still on my short list of must-have appliances.

Ah, the Beachside Bungalow, my fantasy house. I wanted all-things-fun, including a hanging chair and “surf-y” accessories. I have quite a few plants in my real house. I don’t have much a green thumb, but I love the life they bring to a space. I added some beach essentials, too–a raft, cooler, and boombox. I don’t live too far from the beach, and it’s one of my favorite places, but I don’t get there nearly as often as I’d like.

In the Westville, I filled my prep table with food–no meat, I’m a vegetarian, so a crate of vegetables, bowl of fruit, and a cutting board with salad fixings. For furniture, I added an antique secretary that I bought because it resembled one my grandmother gave me.

Two accessories that I move from house-to-house are an espresso maker and green hydrangeas, the former because, come on, caffeine is one of the five food groups (salt, fat, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine), and the latter because it’s my favorite flower.

So, there you have it. A few things that make my houses my own. The only thing missing is the dog. So, I’ll put her here. “Ohhhhh, Sunny Bunny, who’s my best girl?”


  1. aprintzencoxnet says:

    Oh, my goodness I’m so fascinated with your gorgeous houses. The decor is awesome. I can’t seem to choose which piece of furniture is my most favorite, but the hummingbird feeder did earn a special place in my heart ❤️.
    The flag print is perfect!!! It caught my eye right away even before I read your post about it! Bravo!!!! 👏🇺🇸🏅🤗❤️


    1. patti p says:

      I agree–both the hummingbird feeder and the flag plaque are my favorites. I have so many hummingbirds in my yard this year it’s crazy! But none stopping long enough to make a nest!


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