collecting trash for the house

Collecting trash that will be recycled into furniture, appliances, wallpaper, and accessories for the “Trash House” is proceeding nicely. I’ve found items that can be used in every category. The city is a little cleaner, and my vision is taking shape. I should probably be a little disgusted with the depths to which I have sunk, but I’m strangely exhilarated to begin construction.

The project got off to an amazing start when I spotted some potential wallpaper in the busy parking lot of a strip mall. As you’d expect, it was a little worse for wear, having been creased and smudged, but I was crazy excited (or maybe I should just say, “crazy”) to find it was not only Very Usable, but also Very Unique! It was a poster by an artist, Stephen Hickman, that depicted cover art for a fantasy novel called “Jhereg.” The drawing was a dragon emerging from an egg. It wasn’t exactly the aesthetic I’d planned, but if the world sends me dragons, then dragons it is. My profound apologies to Mr. Hickman, who appears to be a remarkably talented artist. If it helps, I included your signature from the signed/numbered (173/450) print on the living room wall of the Trash House.

Another find, coincidentally in another parking lot–what a great place for discarded treasures–was a Hawaiian dashboard doll. Her base wasn’t intact, but she was. I named her Jennifer because on a previous day, I found a silver bar necklace with that name and I’m going to incorporate it in the wall decorations. Jennifer is now the proud resident/owner of the Trash House.

Miss Jennifer even has a boyfriend, lucky girl! His name is Alec Snow. Young Alec lost his ID tag. Where? In a grocery store parking lot, of course! I left it for a couple of weeks, but when he didn’t claim it, I snapped it up. He’s now part of a heart collage. I hope Alec doesn’t have a girlfriend, or, goodness! A wife! Because she will be devastated to know Alec is two-timing her with Jennifer.

Apologies once again, this time to the person who lost/left about 20 slides on a concrete tire stop in–say it with me–a parking lot! They’re gone. I took them! They looked like they were associated with some sort of industrial project, but they were pretty tiny, and with all due respect, I wasn’t that interested in content so much as how they might work as wall art in Jennifer’s place. They were sitting on top of the tire stop with some other random treasures, possibly found and then abandoned by one of our local “urban camping enthusiasts.” So, technically, I’m not the first person to take your stuff.

To date, I’ve managed quite a haul. And again, sorry if you’ve lost a treasure or two along the way, last seen in a parking lot just before some random 60-something-year-old woman walking a dog passed through the area. If it helps, your property has found a useful and appreciated second life, immortalized! Sorry in advance that the cost of immortality is inclusion in the Trash House.


  1. aprintzencoxnet says:

    I love that you gave the cure Hawaiian girl the name Jennifer. Your comments about her boyfriend were too funny, and all too realustuc🤣, “I hope Alec doesn’t have a girlfriend, or, goodness! A wife! Because she will be devastated to know Alec is two-timing her with Jennifer.” 👌


    1. patti p says:

      I hope young Alec never searches for himself on the Internet. He’s in for a surprise! (“That’s what happened to my badge!!”)


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