it’s time for the runway show at the beautiful bride

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone from building dollhouses to sewing miniature clothes. It’s Dress Week at The Beautiful Bride! Here’s the backstory…

The thrift store is not only a place of wonderment and joy, it is also a great source for fabric and craft supplies. I found a ton of mini-sized lacy, net-y, satin-y, and otherwise flouncy dresses for about $5.99 each in the kids section. For that price, I got a top layer of lace, a shimmery fabric underneath, ribbon, trim, liner, netting, and a relaxing afternoon.

But when I got home, I froze. The dresses were too pretty to cut up! The pink one looked like a little ballerina dress. I thought how some little girl wore this dress and it was probably her favorite and whenever she put it on she felt like a princess and she probably wore it to school and to the grocery store with her mom and when she walked her puppy but then it got smaller because she bigger and then one day she thought her mom was washing it but it disappeared! And she asked her mom where her beautiful pink tutu dress went and her mom said oh you outgrew that so I took it to the thrift store so someone else could wear it and the little girl screamed in her high-pitched little girl voice, “The THRIFT store?!” And then she cried and cried and cried! Oh, wait. That’s my story.

OK, in reality, some little girl probably did love the dress, and I thought it was pretty, too, but I needed a wedding dress, not a child’s dress-up dress, so after a moment or two of hesitation, yes, I cut it apart. And I cut the silvery-goldy one apart, too. Here they are, before and after. (The third one is featured above.) Not exactly Monique Lhuillier, but I’m not a world-class fashion designer, so the bar is a little lower.

After the initial angst about destroying two perfectly good dresses, I had a great time with this project. I channeled my 12-year-old self when I used to sew clothes for my Barbies.

At the same time, a disturbing trend is beginning to emerge. I’m making dollhouses, which I did when I was 22. I’m making “Barbie” clothes, which I did when I was 12. If I buy a tricycle, it’s probably time to cut up my credit cards.

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