still teasing the beautiful bride: postponing the reveal another week

I’m getting closer to the reveal of The Beautiful Bride (AKA the Tilton room box). I finished the interior. I’m putting up siding and doing more brickwork on the exterior. I can’t wait to share it. It’s my favorite project, with the Rye and the Beachside Bungalow tied for second.

Because I’m nearing the end, I need to start thinking about what comes next. At first, I thought I’d do another room box, but as I’ve been mulling it over, I realize my “next” house needs to be a “previous” house: the lowly Westville.

Ah, the Westville. The finished house never made the cut. I don’t mind the outside: I wanted it to look like the kind of house you’d find while driving along an isolated highway in the midwest. Sort of a modest farmhouse-y type place. The family who lived there were practical. They painted it one color, and they filled the interior with hand-me-down pieces, generational furniture. But even as I was putting on the final touches, I realized I had fallen short of the mark. In fact, I was a planet or two away from the target.

At first, I thought, “It’s not my favorite, but I did a good job.” Yet, the more I looked, the more I saw “Murder House.” Like the Clutter home of In Cold Blood fame. Not that the Westville resembled the Clutter place. It’s just what I hoped would be my pretty, little farmhouse came to look more and more like a home with a bleak history.

Some of the furniture and design decisions worked one-by-one, but thrown together, the interior turned into a hot mess. Except it’s not hot. The thing I have found with antiques is they shine when placed next to a contrasting piece, like the antique Seth Thomas clock in my “real” house that hangs over my Japanese bar cabinet. Nevertheless, I thought I could pull it off: an old home with old furniture, family, practicality. But it couldn’t pull it off. The result was sadness and depression.

The whole thing needs a redo–interior, exterior–so that’s my next project: remodeling the Westville. In the process, I hope to shed its gloomy reputation and give it a new and brighter history.

I anticipate the finish date will be somewhere around the end of October. Halloween. Fingers crossed by that time the scariest thing in the house will be my horror movie extravaganza, not a pretty, little Westville that more closely resembles Murder House.

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