the part where you realize you’re lost in the woods and the sun is about to set

There is that moment when you are enjoying a life-affirming walk through the woods when you realize you’ve taken a bad path. You turn around but it’s all woodsy and green-y and forest-y and you have no idea how you got here or where you are in relation to the car. And the sun is about to set.

OK, I’ve never actually been in that position myself. Maybe I picked it up from the Blair Witch Project. At any rate, even if I’ve never been in that unfortunate predicament, I feel like it’s an apt description of where I am in terms of the Westville remodel.

As you may recall, I decided to redo the Westville. It was the one project I didn’t like. I had such high hopes–it looked like such a pretty little cottage. But then, I mucked it up with drab and dark colors, which I typically like, but in this case, I didn’t. It ended up looking like The Murder House.

So, I jumped in with both feet and began ripping out the wallpaper and the floor paper in an effort to restore its reputation and my own. I didn’t try to save the lighting because several fixtures had failed (another reason I didn’t care for the finished project). I found the windows came apart easily enough, so I took them out, too. Then, the baseboards, then the doors. One thing just led to another until the house looked like it went up against a category 5 hurricane with the anticipated result.

My first thought as I stared at the damage was utter despair and low-key panic. I didn’t like the house, sure, but what had I done? It was a disaster and I didn’t see how I’d be able to fix it. That’s the lost in the woods part. I’d committed to a path and it turned out to be a bad one and I’m not going to make it home. Ever.

As usual, I just started without consulting Dr. Internet. There was probably an easier way, like, it might not have been necessary to remove the previous wallpaper. Greenleaf dollhouses have lots of fun “nooks and crannies,” which make for a pretty finished space, and it’s all very nice and fine if you work your design features into the build, but those same intricate spaces are not very forgiving when it comes to gutting and redoing the interior of a finished house.

It’s early days, but I’m already realizing this is a project for an experienced and patient crafter. That’s not me. I’m lost in the woods and it’s getting really dark.


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