the remodeled westville (exterior)

The Greenleaf Westville remodel is complete. I’m waiting for some new furniture and accessories from a wonderful miniaturist, Paris Renfroe, PRD Miniatures. I’m going to hold off on the interior reveal until they arrive, but in the meantime, here are a few shots of the exterior.


  1. Paint: pale straw yellow to bright white
  2. Front door: dark stained screen door to painted entry door
  3. Windows: replaced one upstairs Gothic-style window with stained glass window
  4. Foundation: wood that was painted dark blue to brick that was painted white

My goal was to change the character of a place I had come to view as “Murder House” to something light and happy. Mission: Accomplished. I don’t see a stark, depressing structure anymore. I see a home that looks fresh and loved, which it (now) is.


Tiny Craftsman – welcome mat

Mini Merchandise – hummingbird feeder

Poppets Dolly Bits – stained glass window

Earth and Tree – coach lamp

(Homemade wreath is a wire with moss attached)

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