18 october: happy 1st anniversary, real small real estate!

Happy anniversary, real small real estate! This week, we’ve been together a year. You take a lot of my attention, as relationships tend to do, but you’re a labor of love.

For new readers, I began real small real estate after rediscovering dollhousing, a hobby I first tried in my early 20s. At the time, it didn’t stick. But last year, with COVID coursing through the community and lockdowns all over the place, I needed a happy distraction, so I revisited the whole dollhouse thing and the blog logically followed.

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve completed four houses and a room box. For anyone contemplating a dollhouse, they’re relatively straightforward whether you’re a crafter or not. Just follow the instructions and watch out for the occasional part that should go forward when your brain says backwards. It’s a great hobby for those who, like me, are frustrated artists and enjoy interior design, real estate, and architecture, or any combination thereof.

I’ve only encountered two stumbling blocks, although they’re both rather profound. First, I don’t have a dedicated craft space, so in the midst of a project, every surface is covered with paint and miniature parts and cutting tools, which results in my place being a bigger disaster than it is on a normal day. I’m not a naturally neat person, but I don’t like disorder. So, while I love the process of dollhousing, I get equal enjoyment out of wrapping up a project and setting the place to rights. Second, I have no room to display my work, so the finished kits just kind of cover every available surface.

I don’t have a ton of followers to this blog–OK, I have zero followers since purging the fake ones–so I’ll be toasting this milestone alone.

To old loves that reenter into your life and make today a little richer,


Thank you, dear reader, for visiting real small real estate. You make my life a little richer, too.

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