next up: a chapel/meditation space

It’s been weeks, but I’m still holding off debuting the revised Westville pending the arrival of the new furniture. This is turning into the build up for a super-hyped Hollywood movie! And like a Hollywood blockbuster, it looks like it may make an appearance around Christmas. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, my love/hate relationship with Greenleaf Dollhouses continues as I’ve purchased my third kit from them, this time the Sugarplum. As you may recall, after my first experience, I swore I wouldn’t buy another. I hated the rough edges and imprecise fittings. But I relented when I needed an inexpensive base for the Trash House. Greenleaf houses do come at an enticing price point.

However, after the Westville remodel, I did a 180. By hand-cutting a hardwood floor and adding the right wallpaper (and hopefully, the right furniture and accessories), the ugly duckling matured into the elegant swan. As I’ve noted before, Greenleaf houses have pretty features; they come in a variety of sizes, including more compact homes like what I need for this project; they’re light and transportable; they’re made in the USA; and they’re reasonably priced.

The overall concept will be a private chapel on the first floor and a meditation room on the second. A lot of the details remain fuzzy. I don’t always know the direction a place will take until I actually start the build. At the moment, I’m thinking lots of wood and stone, and stained “glass” windows, of course. I found a wonderful shop in The Netherlands, Arjen Spinhoven Miniatures, for furniture, including a Victorian prayer bench, Gothic settee, and even a candle box.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit the idea of a private chapel came from my former guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One of the characters, who’s in a bit of hot water these days, showed off a private chapel in her home and it was a really interesting space. The plan for a mediation room on the second floor is a nod to my interest in the practice, even though I don’t meditate as often as I should.

I’m jumping the gun a bit here by describing the project, which I don’t plan to begin for another month or so. I want to keep my place relatively organized through the holidays and it gets very post-tornado once a build begins. If I lay out supplies, I’ll need to shovel everything into the closet if guests pop in.

I’ve spent the last few weeks compiling items I think I’ll need, but I’m beginning to feel pressured as the holidays approach. Based on what I’ve read, if I don’t order soon, I might as well walk across the country to pick up the supplies that stand little chance of making it to me through the clogged “supply chain.” I suppose walking is an option for shops located in the contiguous United States. However, I’ve sourced my stained glass panels to a seller in the UK, and I’ve never been a strong swimmer.

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