thanksgiving greetings

Happy Thanksgiving, from my house to yours.

I’m posting early this week. Not because I’ve got a wonderful bit that I’m dying to share. More that I don’t have anything for you.

It’s been one of those weeks. I got the COVID booster last Thursday and–being someone who lives on the edge–I went with the Pfizer/Pfizer-Moderna combo pack. Yikes. I pretty much lost three days after that decision. Kind of like a bad bender without the “fun” to show for it.

On top of that, I was a little unsettled waiting for some potentially devastating blood work results on my wing-girl, Sunny, the pooch. The vet threw out the dreaded “cancer” word, so, again, a few days lost in the fog. When the results came, they weren’t definitive. (Of course not.) But I’m just not seeing anything alarming, so I’m going to set that one aside and worry about it tomorrow.

Between my medical issues and the dog’s, and COVID still being it’s COVID self, I pretty much lost control of the week. It’s fine, Being a vegetarian, Thanksgiving has long ranked low on the playlist of holiday favorites.

Nevertheless, the day is about counting your blessings, so here are mine: Sunny is healthy for the moment, as am I, as is my near and extended family and closest friends; I’ve gotten an early start on my Christmas cards, which creates optimism about their arrival prior to 2022; and the weather is scheduled to be Southern California perfect for the next 10 days. Gifts, all.

Here’s hoping you’ve found joys big and small to celebrate, too.

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