a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville

OK, I give! The new furniture for the Westville is still pending. I ordered it on 1 September, and unfortunately, the maker has a lot of obligations in front of me. Rather than wait any longer, I’m going to do a “pre-” preview of the house. This is what it looks like today. I’ll do a second post when (if?) the new stuff arrives.

As you can see, the photos are before and after. The after is mostly the same furniture, but what a difference with the new, updated wallpaper and paint!

Living Room Before
Living Room After

Going with butterscotch check wallpaper, changing the dark, stained window frames, crown molding, baseboard, and fretwork, and taking the time to add a gorgeous hand cut floor… Much better!

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

The kitchen will ultimately have new cabinetry and an island/seating area. But this is the current before/after. A whimsical wallpaper and bright terrazzo tile really cheered up the dark and gloomy space.

Upstairs Hall Banister Before
Upstairs Hall Banister After

These shots just highlight the staircase, which went from dark stain to white paint. I love the cartoon flamingo, who greets the resident every morning with a “Hi” and a wave!

Bedroom Before
Bedroom After

This is the remodeled bedroom. You can see it went from dark and moody to bright and cheerful. (I’m crazy about the fun pink flamingo wallpaper.) One of the elements I’m waiting for is new bed linens.

Bathroom Before
Bathroom After

I can’t believe the change here. It’s the same old-timey tub, toilet, and sink, but the modern pink check worked a small miracle. You can see I also removed the window from the back wall, covered the beadboard walls, and painted the rest of the wood white.

Secret Hallway Before
Secret Hallway After

This is one of my favorite rooms: a “secret” library. I can imagine this is where the resident goes for privacy when she wants to knock out a few pages from her Great American Novel. I thought briefly about using real brick for this space, but this Katrina Ward pattern does a great job at a fraction of the time and price.

Attic Before
Attic After

I revealed the attic in a previous post, but I’m going to end this one with another shot. The attic was particularly awful in the original house. The floor board was warped, which was bad enough, but then I added two doors to the second floor, which completely threw off the floorpan. By extending the attic floor, and adding beams and insulation, I hid the flaws and gave the second floor and attic some continuity.

Whenever I work on a house, I’m imagining what changes I could make to my real place. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and a bit of wallpaper can do. Hmm.

Off to ponder…

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