shingles: does price point matter?

I’ve been “buying time” with filler posts as I wait for furniture and accessories that will be placed into the remodeled Westville. They’re being handmade by a wonderful miniaturist, Paris Renfroe. Trust me, they’re worth the wait. When they arrive, I’ll unveil the interior of the new and very improved Westville. Hint: I love theContinue reading “shingles: does price point matter?”

18 october: happy 1st anniversary, real small real estate!

Happy anniversary, real small real estate! This week, we’ve been together a year. You take a lot of my attention, as relationships tend to do, but you’re a labor of love. For new readers, I began real small real estate after rediscovering dollhousing, a hobby I first tried in my early 20s. At the time,Continue reading “18 october: happy 1st anniversary, real small real estate!”

i think i’m falling in love with room boxes

I’m waiting for some things to arrive before I can take the next steps with The Beautiful Bride, aka the Tilton, so I thought I’d share how I came to build a room box instead of another full-sized house. Frankly, I’d never considered building a single room. But then the idea was put in frontContinue reading “i think i’m falling in love with room boxes”

you’ve got to start somewhere

For the third time, and without premeditation, I purchased a sofa as the corner piece of the interior design for my latest project, the Rye. I’m still deep into construction on this house, but a pattern has begun to emerge between my three projects. I buy a kit whose finished look appeals on some aestheticContinue reading “you’ve got to start somewhere”

the pain of miniature house construction, and wim hof to the rescue?

A few weeks into construction on my second house, I woke up with trigger finger. For those fortunate enough not to suffer from this affliction, it’s a finger that loses its range of movement. It is stiff and hard to bend, but when it does bend, the finger gets “stuck” in the down position, andContinue reading “the pain of miniature house construction, and wim hof to the rescue?”

the internet: home of wonder and dejection

There is a line between finding inspiration on the Internet in others’ dollhouses and finding despair. A few days ago, I was having one of those mornings where I found the latter. I like to do my research before starting a project, so a few weeks ago, before my Westville was even delivered, I lookedContinue reading “the internet: home of wonder and dejection”

overthinking my next purchase: making a simple decision hard

I am a chronic overthinker, even when it comes to fun purchases, like choosing my next house. So, it took a couple of weeks, but I finally settled on the Earth and Tree Rye Milled Dollhouse Kit. It wasn’t my first choice, but my preferred project, the Earth and Tree Center Harbor, was just tooContinue reading “overthinking my next purchase: making a simple decision hard”

color choices: getting to the fun stuff

I went to the hardware store to choose a color for my beachside bungalow and found the right shade on the first card I picked out of the sample display. I knew exactly what I was looking for because I’d seen the color on a house in my city’s old town. A tiny place, literallyContinue reading “color choices: getting to the fun stuff”

working with finicky wood sheets

Even as I was in the store purchasing my first house, Real Good Toys’ Beachside Bungalow, there was one interior design feature I knew I wanted to include: beadboard. To me, beadboard personified the bungalow-style home. I wanted it everywhere, walls and ceilings, in every room. I bought a 10-pack of sheets and was onContinue reading “working with finicky wood sheets”