featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures

Note: I did not receive compensation from PRD Miniatures for this post. I highlight products that I love and I endorse designers I admire because talent deserves a pedestal, humble as this site’s pedestal may be. Every once in a while, I like to highlight artisans I find as I build my mini homes. ThisContinue reading “featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures”

this week, i’ve been dollhousing for a year

July 12, 2021 is the first anniversary of my new, old dollhouse hobby. As I mentioned in post #1 here on realsmallrealestate, my initial interest in “dollhousing” (verb: the act of constructing a miniature house, not the Urban Dictionary definition, however interesting their take might be) began in my early twenties. At the time, IContinue reading “this week, i’ve been dollhousing for a year”

you’ve got to start somewhere

For the third time, and without premeditation, I purchased a sofa as the corner piece of the interior design for my latest project, the Rye. I’m still deep into construction on this house, but a pattern has begun to emerge between my three projects. I buy a kit whose finished look appeals on some aestheticContinue reading “you’ve got to start somewhere”

the psychology of building dollhouses: one case study, me

I don’t have any active social media accounts. If I did, I might have handled COVID better because I think misery really does love company. If I interacted daily, albeit virtually, with large crowds of friends, acquaintances, and those random individuals who pass through one’s Internet community, I might have felt less “stressy” when theContinue reading “the psychology of building dollhouses: one case study, me”

product review: real good toys beachside bungalow

The Real Good Toys Beachside Bungalow was my first project, so I was an absolute newbie. I just opened the box and began. One of my first impressions was it had a lot of small parts–mostly due to the dormer brackets–all of which needed to be primed and sanded. Beyond that, the kit was completeContinue reading “product review: real good toys beachside bungalow”

the internet: home of wonder and dejection

There is a line between finding inspiration on the Internet in others’ dollhouses and finding despair. A few days ago, I was having one of those mornings where I found the latter. I like to do my research before starting a project, so a few weeks ago, before my Westville was even delivered, I lookedContinue reading “the internet: home of wonder and dejection”

color choices: getting to the fun stuff

I went to the hardware store to choose a color for my beachside bungalow and found the right shade on the first card I picked out of the sample display. I knew exactly what I was looking for because I’d seen the color on a house in my city’s old town. A tiny place, literallyContinue reading “color choices: getting to the fun stuff”

electrifying my dollhouse: useful tutorials and lessons learned

I bought my first miniature house, the Real Good Toys Beachside Bungalow, from a local store, My Doll’s House. I was glad to visit the shop in person because once I’d chosen my house, Jim, the co-owner, explained in detail the different types of electrical fixtures that were available, along with types of wiring components,Continue reading “electrifying my dollhouse: useful tutorials and lessons learned”

the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse

Note: I mention three of my favorite Web sites for miniature furniture and accessories in this post. I have received no compensation or incentives, nor have I/would I honor any requests to make recommendations on my site. I offer my opinions with sincerity and humility. I rediscovered the craft of kit dollhouse-making a few monthsContinue reading “the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse”