featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures

Note: I did not receive compensation from PRD Miniatures for this post. I highlight products that I love and I endorse designers I admire because talent deserves a pedestal, humble as this site’s pedestal may be. Every once in a while, I like to highlight artisans I find as I build my mini homes. ThisContinue reading “featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures”

shingles: does price point matter?

I’ve been “buying time” with filler posts as I wait for furniture and accessories that will be placed into the remodeled Westville. They’re being handmade by a wonderful miniaturist, Paris Renfroe. Trust me, they’re worth the wait. When they arrive, I’ll unveil the interior of the new and very improved Westville. Hint: I love theContinue reading “shingles: does price point matter?”

more color talk: room transitions and balancing brights with neutrals

Currently, the walls in my “real” home are white. They just sit there and don’t call attention to themselves, unlike the time they were dark purple; deep, earthy red; marine blue; periwinkle blue; baby blue; toasty beige; sage green; yellow ochre; or brown with gold glitter. Occasionally, I would head to the hardware store withContinue reading “more color talk: room transitions and balancing brights with neutrals”

printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring

Choosing wallpaper and flooring is probably my favorite step in building miniature homes. I love colors and patterns, and I think reaching this point is where you really begin to see your house come alive. I don’t have a dedicated miniatures supply store nearby, so I tend to shop on the Internet, mostly dollhouse sitesContinue reading “printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring”