featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures

Note: I did not receive compensation from PRD Miniatures for this post. I highlight products that I love and I endorse designers I admire because talent deserves a pedestal, humble as this site’s pedestal may be. Every once in a while, I like to highlight artisans I find as I build my mini homes. ThisContinue reading “featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures”

this week, i’ve been dollhousing for a year

July 12, 2021 is the first anniversary of my new, old dollhouse hobby. As I mentioned in post #1 here on realsmallrealestate, my initial interest in “dollhousing” (verb: the act of constructing a miniature house, not the Urban Dictionary definition, however interesting their take might be) began in my early twenties. At the time, IContinue reading “this week, i’ve been dollhousing for a year”

it’s done! review of earth and tree’s rye

I finished Earth and Tree’s Rye today and it’s time for a review. Right up front: I liked the Rye quite a bit. Its simplicity left room for innovation. It was a fun build, and I was happy with the finished product. If you’re so inclined and just follow the instructions as written, you canContinue reading “it’s done! review of earth and tree’s rye”

more color talk: room transitions and balancing brights with neutrals

Currently, the walls in my “real” home are white. They just sit there and don’t call attention to themselves, unlike the time they were dark purple; deep, earthy red; marine blue; periwinkle blue; baby blue; toasty beige; sage green; yellow ochre; or brown with gold glitter. Occasionally, I would head to the hardware store withContinue reading “more color talk: room transitions and balancing brights with neutrals”

product review: lighting bug, ltd. light fixtures

I wanted to love Lighting Bug light fixtures. I assumed I’d love them. I bought six without trying them out by purchasing a sample light. But when I installed them, or tried, I didn’t love them. Or, mostly not. But also, I did. Would I buy them again? Yes. Thus begins the tale of myContinue reading “product review: lighting bug, ltd. light fixtures”

you’ve got to start somewhere

For the third time, and without premeditation, I purchased a sofa as the corner piece of the interior design for my latest project, the Rye. I’m still deep into construction on this house, but a pattern has begun to emerge between my three projects. I buy a kit whose finished look appeals on some aestheticContinue reading “you’ve got to start somewhere”

“make it work” …tim gunn

As I mentioned in a previous post, I decided to move the staircase in my latest project, the Rye, from its original, pre-cut position in the middle of the house to a spot along the right wall. As I also mentioned, I made a mistake or two along the way. Between cutting, patching, and repairing,Continue reading ““make it work” …tim gunn”

“oops, i did it again…”

-Britney Spears. …And me. Sometimes, I think I make mistakes subconsciously because I enjoy a good problem that needs to be solved. But it’s more I’m just careless. My first significant housebuilding error came early when I glued on the second floor of the Beachside Bungalow backwards. This unfortunate circumstance led to stairs placed onContinue reading ““oops, i did it again…””

product review: minwax custom color wood stain (shingles)

For house #3, Earth and Tree’s Rye, I plan to cover the top of the house (an area around the shed roof) and the wall that surrounds the front door in side shingles. I wanted to dye them deep purple to order to contrast the weird yellow-green I’m considering for the house-body, but I couldn’tContinue reading “product review: minwax custom color wood stain (shingles)”