product review: earth and tree’s tilton room box

This post is a little out of order. I like to review each of my kits right after I’ve finished the project. The Tilton room box concluded a few weeks ago (it turned into The Beautiful Bride bridal salon). But since I’m still awaiting furniture delivery to complete and photograph the remodeled Westville, and IContinue reading “product review: earth and tree’s tilton room box”

the beautiful bride (exterior)

Here’s the second half of last week’s reveal: The Beautiful Bride, the exterior! I was waiting for the doormat to finish the project. It’s from a wonderful Etsy shop, Tiny Craftsman. I reached out and asked Blake for a personalized mat. I love it! Thanks also to Victorian Dollhouse Woodworks for the gorgeous wooden sign.Continue reading “the beautiful bride (exterior)”

grand opening: the beautiful bride (interior)

Finally! I am thrilled to share my favorite project to date: The Beautiful Bride bridal salon! Note: I intended to make this one post showing the whole project. But then, I found just one more element that I had to have for the exterior, so there is going to be a short post next weekContinue reading “grand opening: the beautiful bride (interior)”

it’s time for the runway show at the beautiful bride

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone from building dollhouses to sewing miniature clothes. It’s Dress Week at The Beautiful Bride! Here’s the backstory… The thrift store is not only a place of wonderment and joy, it is also a great source for fabric and craft supplies. I found a ton of mini-sized lacy,Continue reading “it’s time for the runway show at the beautiful bride”

i think i’m falling in love with room boxes

I’m waiting for some things to arrive before I can take the next steps with The Beautiful Bride, aka the Tilton, so I thought I’d share how I came to build a room box instead of another full-sized house. Frankly, I’d never considered building a single room. But then the idea was put in frontContinue reading “i think i’m falling in love with room boxes”

the beautiful bride (aka the tilton): opening soon

I’ve been working on The Beautiful Bride, AKA Earth and Tree’s Tilton room box, for a few weeks now and it’s time for a progress report. I was going for a classy and totally feminine look and I think I’m getting there if I do say so myself. After I finished the floors, which IContinue reading “the beautiful bride (aka the tilton): opening soon”

this week, i’ve been dollhousing for a year

July 12, 2021 is the first anniversary of my new, old dollhouse hobby. As I mentioned in post #1 here on realsmallrealestate, my initial interest in “dollhousing” (verb: the act of constructing a miniature house, not the Urban Dictionary definition, however interesting their take might be) began in my early twenties. At the time, IContinue reading “this week, i’ve been dollhousing for a year”

product review: andi mini brick and stone, part II

In February, I reviewed Andi Mini Brick and Stone. At the time, I’d just finished placing the stone half of Andi products on the foundation of the Rye. This time, I used the brick portion. Since the process is a little different, I figured I’d put another review out there. I first bought Andi brickContinue reading “product review: andi mini brick and stone, part II”

the tilton begins, and a bridal salon it is

After last week’s rant, and earlier, two side trips updating my experience with the Wim Hof Method, I’m back to “dollhousing.” I’ve been struggling with the design of the Tilton room box for longer than I should. It’s one-room, for goodness sakes! My smallest project, yet! How confusing can it be? As you may recall,Continue reading “the tilton begins, and a bridal salon it is”