can’t hurt, might help medicine: the microbiome edition

I’ve mentioned in the past I practice “can’t hurt, might help” medicine. I’m not a big go-to-the-doctor person. I prefer nutritional solutions whenever possible, or at least, as a starting point. Enter the microbiome. I’m not qualified to discuss the biology of it. Let me just say it appears a “healthy gut” is a goodContinue reading “can’t hurt, might help medicine: the microbiome edition”

featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures

Note: I did not receive compensation from PRD Miniatures for this post. I highlight products that I love and I endorse designers I admire because talent deserves a pedestal, humble as this site’s pedestal may be. Every once in a while, I like to highlight artisans I find as I build my mini homes. ThisContinue reading “featured artisan: paris renfroe, prd miniatures”

you didn’t ask, but here’s my podcast list

This is a photo of me and Sunny taken by the Google Earth folks. A neighbor alerted me to it. Throughout the series, I’m oblivious to the camera–no doubt absorbed in a podcast–but Sunny is looking straight at it. I think we’ve identified the ham in the family. I haven’t had as much time toContinue reading “you didn’t ask, but here’s my podcast list”

on decluttering with joy and regret

It’s New Year’s Day and for most of us that means a fresh start, a new beginning, another chance to get things right. We exercise more, drink less, whatever fits our interpretation of the Big Reset. One common practice in a new calendar year is decluttering. We reassess a lifetime of acquisitions. There’s a lotContinue reading “on decluttering with joy and regret”

editing the christmas newsletter

I sometimes imagine a world in which we all have signs over our heads that expose our darker selves–our character flaws, our idiosyncrasies. Not the really big stuff. Just a few of those rough edges we work hard to hide from friends and families and co-workers and tradespersons and random passers-by. I mean, really, wouldn’tContinue reading “editing the christmas newsletter”

wim hof method: one-year anniversary

The featured image (above) was taken at Silfra in Iceland. You can actually snorkel in Iceland, who knew? The water temperature is a steady 35 to 39 degrees. Organizers provide pretty hefty wetsuits, and they recommend a warm underlayer. Your face goes a bit numb, but the experience is worth it. OK, so this isContinue reading “wim hof method: one-year anniversary”

a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville

OK, I give! The new furniture for the Westville is still pending. I ordered it on 1 September, and unfortunately, the maker has a lot of obligations in front of me. Rather than wait any longer, I’m going to do a “pre-” preview of the house. This is what it looks like today. I’ll doContinue reading “a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville”

ankle biters (bugs, not kids)

I had a couple of bad nights’ sleep this past week. A mosquito had broken into my house and things got ugly. OK, in her defense, maybe she didn’t officially “break in” since it was a deliciously hot summer-fall day in Southern California and she probably thought the open door was an invitation. She beganContinue reading “ankle biters (bugs, not kids)”