wim hof method: one-year anniversary

The featured image (above) was taken at Silfra in Iceland. You can actually snorkel in Iceland, who knew? The water temperature is a steady 35 to 39 degrees. Organizers provide pretty hefty wetsuits, and they recommend a warm underlayer. Your face goes a bit numb, but the experience is worth it. OK, so this isContinue reading “wim hof method: one-year anniversary”

a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville

OK, I give! The new furniture for the Westville is still pending. I ordered it on 1 September, and unfortunately, the maker has a lot of obligations in front of me. Rather than wait any longer, I’m going to do a “pre-” preview of the house. This is what it looks like today. I’ll doContinue reading “a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville”

ankle biters (bugs, not kids)

I had a couple of bad nights’ sleep this past week. A mosquito had broken into my house and things got ugly. OK, in her defense, maybe she didn’t officially “break in” since it was a deliciously hot summer-fall day in Southern California and she probably thought the open door was an invitation. She beganContinue reading “ankle biters (bugs, not kids)”

next up: a chapel/meditation space

It’s been weeks, but I’m still holding off debuting the revised Westville pending the arrival of the new furniture. This is turning into the build up for a super-hyped Hollywood movie! And like a Hollywood blockbuster, it looks like it may make an appearance around Christmas. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, my love/hate relationship withContinue reading “next up: a chapel/meditation space”

the things that die. and those that won’t

It’s Saturday morning, and it begins the ways all days begin: coffee. As I’m enjoying my first cup, and maybe you’re enjoying yours, too, I’m going to share a story about the machine. About 10 years ago, a neighbor showed up at my door with a Keurig coffee maker as a thank you for aContinue reading “the things that die. and those that won’t”

baby, it’s dark inside: the downside of posting online reviews

Here’s a scary story for Halloween. And it’s true. Around 2007, I needed an electrician to address a faulty fluorescent light bulb in the guest bathroom. I had just signed up for Angie’s List, a subscription service that offered a database of “reliable” businesses, so I signed in and found Dominic. Dominic was a goodContinue reading “baby, it’s dark inside: the downside of posting online reviews”

shingles: does price point matter?

I’ve been “buying time” with filler posts as I wait for furniture and accessories that will be placed into the remodeled Westville. They’re being handmade by a wonderful miniaturist, Paris Renfroe. Trust me, they’re worth the wait. When they arrive, I’ll unveil the interior of the new and very improved Westville. Hint: I love theContinue reading “shingles: does price point matter?”

18 october: happy 1st anniversary, real small real estate!

Happy anniversary, real small real estate! This week, we’ve been together a year. You take a lot of my attention, as relationships tend to do, but you’re a labor of love. For new readers, I began real small real estate after rediscovering dollhousing, a hobby I first tried in my early 20s. At the time,Continue reading “18 october: happy 1st anniversary, real small real estate!”

product review: earth and tree’s tilton room box

This post is a little out of order. I like to review each of my kits right after I’ve finished the project. The Tilton room box concluded a few weeks ago (it turned into The Beautiful Bride bridal salon). But since I’m still awaiting furniture delivery to complete and photograph the remodeled Westville, and IContinue reading “product review: earth and tree’s tilton room box”