the remodeled westville (exterior)

The Greenleaf Westville remodel is complete. I’m waiting for some new furniture and accessories from a wonderful miniaturist, Paris Renfroe, PRD Miniatures. I’m going to hold off on the interior reveal until they arrive, but in the meantime, here are a few shots of the exterior. Changes: Paint: pale straw yellow to bright white FrontContinue reading “the remodeled westville (exterior)”

what’s in the (remodeled) westville attic?

Several posts back, I mentioned I gain inspiration from Tim Gunn, formerly of Project Runway. He was the designers’ mentor and his catchphrase was “Make it work!” It was usually said to contestants whose designs fell short and the clock was ticking. It’s Tim’s admonishment I hear whenever I get into a tough spot whileContinue reading “what’s in the (remodeled) westville attic?”

reconsidering greenleaf kits: a conditional thumbs up

As I mentioned last week, I’m in the midst of my Westville remodel.* At the risk of repeating myself, the finished house was a disappointment. Part of the disappointment was due to my wallpaper and furniture choices, along with both interior and exterior paint and decor colors. But the other part was the product itself.Continue reading “reconsidering greenleaf kits: a conditional thumbs up”

update on the update

The Westville remodel is proceeding, but–early days–I’m not sure this project can be salvaged. It’s definitely getting more “cheerful,” which was the goal, but it’s just not clicking. It might would have been better to scrap the whole thing and invest in something new. I began by painting walls and dark stained wood white. ItContinue reading “update on the update”

the part where you realize you’re lost in the woods and the sun is about to set

There is that moment when you are enjoying a life-affirming walk through the woods when you realize you’ve taken a bad path. You turn around but it’s all woodsy and green-y and forest-y and you have no idea how you got here or where you are in relation to the car. And the sun isContinue reading “the part where you realize you’re lost in the woods and the sun is about to set”

the beautiful bride (exterior)

Here’s the second half of last week’s reveal: The Beautiful Bride, the exterior! I was waiting for the doormat to finish the project. It’s from a wonderful Etsy shop, Tiny Craftsman. I reached out and asked Blake for a personalized mat. I love it! Thanks also to Victorian Dollhouse Woodworks for the gorgeous wooden sign.Continue reading “the beautiful bride (exterior)”

grand opening: the beautiful bride (interior)

Finally! I am thrilled to share my favorite project to date: The Beautiful Bride bridal salon! Note: I intended to make this one post showing the whole project. But then, I found just one more element that I had to have for the exterior, so there is going to be a short post next weekContinue reading “grand opening: the beautiful bride (interior)”

still teasing the beautiful bride: postponing the reveal another week

I’m getting closer to the reveal of The Beautiful Bride (AKA the Tilton room box). I finished the interior. I’m putting up siding and doing more brickwork on the exterior. I can’t wait to share it. It’s my favorite project, with the Rye and the Beachside Bungalow tied for second. Because I’m nearing the end,Continue reading “still teasing the beautiful bride: postponing the reveal another week”

it’s time for the runway show at the beautiful bride

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone from building dollhouses to sewing miniature clothes. It’s Dress Week at The Beautiful Bride! Here’s the backstory… The thrift store is not only a place of wonderment and joy, it is also a great source for fabric and craft supplies. I found a ton of mini-sized lacy,Continue reading “it’s time for the runway show at the beautiful bride”

i think i’m falling in love with room boxes

I’m waiting for some things to arrive before I can take the next steps with The Beautiful Bride, aka the Tilton, so I thought I’d share how I came to build a room box instead of another full-sized house. Frankly, I’d never considered building a single room. But then the idea was put in frontContinue reading “i think i’m falling in love with room boxes”