“miniature homes” or “dollhouses”: an exploration of terms

There are conversations wherein people ask what you’ve been up to, or how you plan to spend the rest of your day. It’s a polite inquiry, those auto-pilot conversations to fill in the quiet stuff. But since I’m asked, I’ll respond, “Well, I’ve been working on a dollhouse.” A beat usually passes and then, “AContinue reading ““miniature homes” or “dollhouses”: an exploration of terms”

printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring

Choosing wallpaper and flooring is probably my favorite step in building miniature homes. I love colors and patterns, and I think reaching this point is where you really begin to see your house come alive. I don’t have a dedicated miniatures supply store nearby, so I tend to shop on the Internet, mostly dollhouse sitesContinue reading “printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring”

electrifying my dollhouse: useful tutorials and lessons learned

I bought my first miniature house, the Real Good Toys Beachside Bungalow, from a local store, My Doll’s House. I was glad to visit the shop in person because once I’d chosen my house, Jim, the co-owner, explained in detail the different types of electrical fixtures that were available, along with types of wiring components,Continue reading “electrifying my dollhouse: useful tutorials and lessons learned”

the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse

Note: I mention three of my favorite Web sites for miniature furniture and accessories in this post. I have received no compensation or incentives, nor have I/would I honor any requests to make recommendations on my site. I offer my opinions with sincerity and humility. I rediscovered the craft of kit dollhouse-making a few monthsContinue reading “the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse”

a look inside greenleaf’s westville

The Greenleaf Westville has beautiful interior features, including a tall staircase with pointed arch cutouts–the arch pattern common to Carpenter Gothic-style homes, which the Westville is–and two intricate woodwork panels framing its bay windows. The bay windows, as all of its windows, have pretty faux traceries. As with the exterior, all of the interior trimContinue reading “a look inside greenleaf’s westville”

greenleaf’s westville dollhouse kit

I have mixed feelings about the Greenleaf Westville, and Greenleaf kits, generally. For anyone unfamiliar with Greenleaf, the kits come with multiple sheets of numbered wood. You punch out the part(s) you’re working on and leave the rest semi-attached to the sheet. There is an accompanying schematic that delineates part names, but I still foundContinue reading “greenleaf’s westville dollhouse kit”

dollhouses: my new (old) hobby

Technically, I got my first miniature house about 35 years ago. I bought a kit and put it together; the house body, a few windows, the front door. I shingled the roof. I bought parts to electrify it, but never got that far. No wallpaper, or flooring. I bought several pieces of furniture. But afterContinue reading “dollhouses: my new (old) hobby”