a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville

OK, I give! The new furniture for the Westville is still pending. I ordered it on 1 September, and unfortunately, the maker has a lot of obligations in front of me. Rather than wait any longer, I’m going to do a “pre-” preview of the house. This is what it looks like today. I’ll doContinue reading “a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville”

reconsidering greenleaf kits: a conditional thumbs up

As I mentioned last week, I’m in the midst of my Westville remodel.* At the risk of repeating myself, the finished house was a disappointment. Part of the disappointment was due to my wallpaper and furniture choices, along with both interior and exterior paint and decor colors. But the other part was the product itself.Continue reading “reconsidering greenleaf kits: a conditional thumbs up”

a look inside greenleaf’s westville

The Greenleaf Westville has beautiful interior features, including a tall staircase with pointed arch cutouts–the arch pattern common to Carpenter Gothic-style homes, which the Westville is–and two intricate woodwork panels framing its bay windows. The bay windows, as all of its windows, have pretty faux traceries. As with the exterior, all of the interior trimContinue reading “a look inside greenleaf’s westville”

greenleaf’s westville dollhouse kit

I have mixed feelings about the Greenleaf Westville, and Greenleaf kits, generally. For anyone unfamiliar with Greenleaf, the kits come with multiple sheets of numbered wood. You punch out the part(s) you’re working on and leave the rest semi-attached to the sheet. There is an accompanying schematic that delineates part names, but I still foundContinue reading “greenleaf’s westville dollhouse kit”