a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville

OK, I give! The new furniture for the Westville is still pending. I ordered it on 1 September, and unfortunately, the maker has a lot of obligations in front of me. Rather than wait any longer, I’m going to do a “pre-” preview of the house. This is what it looks like today. I’ll doContinue reading “a “pre-” preview of the remodeled westville”

color choices: getting to the fun stuff

I went to the hardware store to choose a color for my beachside bungalow and found the right shade on the first card I picked out of the sample display. I knew exactly what I was looking for because I’d seen the color on a house in my city’s old town. A tiny place, literallyContinue reading “color choices: getting to the fun stuff”

printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring

Choosing wallpaper and flooring is probably my favorite step in building miniature homes. I love colors and patterns, and I think reaching this point is where you really begin to see your house come alive. I don’t have a dedicated miniatures supply store nearby, so I tend to shop on the Internet, mostly dollhouse sitesContinue reading “printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring”

the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse

Note: I mention three of my favorite Web sites for miniature furniture and accessories in this post. I have received no compensation or incentives, nor have I/would I honor any requests to make recommendations on my site. I offer my opinions with sincerity and humility. I rediscovered the craft of kit dollhouse-making a few monthsContinue reading “the modern miniature: not your mama’s dollhouse”