the beautiful bride (aka the tilton): opening soon

I’ve been working on The Beautiful Bride, AKA Earth and Tree’s Tilton room box, for a few weeks now and it’s time for a progress report. I was going for a classy and totally feminine look and I think I’m getting there if I do say so myself. After I finished the floors, which IContinue reading “the beautiful bride (aka the tilton): opening soon”

printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring

Choosing wallpaper and flooring is probably my favorite step in building miniature homes. I love colors and patterns, and I think reaching this point is where you really begin to see your house come alive. I don’t have a dedicated miniatures supply store nearby, so I tend to shop on the Internet, mostly dollhouse sitesContinue reading “printables: delivering fast solutions for wallpaper and flooring”